Moshe Weisblum

Dr Moshe Weisblum is a New York-based business consultant

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Experience at work

Weisblum has a good work history. Then, in 2001, Weisblum started his own consulting business. Before that, he worked for a real estate developer in the greater Baltimore area for almost 10 years as a business consultant. In this job, he worked with a lot of financially successful, privately-owned businesses that focused on real estate investments. He was in charge of the whole process of buying and selling real estate, from negotiations to completion.


In addition, he worked for five years as an executive vice president or partner at AWK Ltd, a general contracting business in New Jersey. He also worked for Better and Different, an Israeli retailer in Jerusalem, for three years as a business consultant. For six years, he worked for Chalmah International Foods in Tel Aviv, where he coordinated trade shows, taught management how to use new technology, and set up joint ventures between Eastern Europe and Israel.

Media, teaching, and government service are some of the things that people can do for the government

Weisblum has worked as a consultant on Middle Eastern affairs in Washington, DC, and he is often asked to talk about social and political issues on TV talk shows. When Weisblum lived in Israel for 10 years, he volunteered to join the Israeli Defense Forces. He served in the elite air corps and was a commissioned officer in the Israeli Army with the rank of Major.


When Weisblum worked at Strayer University in Washington DC from 2012 to 2016, he was a teacher. During his time at Strayer, he taught critical thinking, business and public administration, art history, and a lot of other things. He was one of the best teachers at the university for two years in a row. "Rate my Professors" is an independent social media site where students can "rate" their professors. He has a lot of pages of perfect 5.0/5.0 ratings from students on this site. Students say that Weisblum is funny, has a good command of the class subject, and makes his classes fun.

Weisblum has a YouTube account, so you can see him there.

Weisblum has a lot of videos on YouTube about Jewish traditions and holidays and parts of the Talmud that he talks about. More than 19,600 people have joined his channel, which he started almost 10 years ago. It's growing quickly. His YouTube videos have been watched more than 6.5 million times.


When Weisblum was young, he went to Yeshivat Torat Emet in Haifa, Israel, and studied computer science at the Ofrim Institute in Israel. In the United States, he got a Master of Public/Business Administration and Management from Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. He also earned a PhD in philosophy from Baltimore Hebrew University, where he got it with honors (now Baltimore Hebrew Institute at Towson University).


 He has written seven books about Jewish philosophy and history, including "Table Talk Biblical Questions and Answers" and "Ruth Talk." These books are about Jewish philosophy and history. The Garden City News and the Great Neck Record are two of the 17 newspapers where he writes a syndicated column every week. He is also a newspaper columnist. When he wrote the screenplay "House of Bread," it was sold to 20th Century Pictures. The movie is now in the pre-production stage.

One of Weisblum's writing awards is the Sidney Breitbart Prize in Jewish philosophy from Baltimore Hebrew University. The Keren Zikaron Award for writing and the Golden Prize in Writing from Haifa, Israel, are other awards he's won for his work.

Weisblum can play seven different instruments very well, like the piano, saxophone, and clarinet. He is also a very good tenor. When he sings, he goes from inspirational music to music for Jewish religious events. People who bought his CD, "Heartfelt Melodies," in 2017 gave it five stars on Weisblum is the musical director for his temple, and he also plays in the band for the temple.

Weisblum was born in Sedeh Ya'akov, Israel. When he's not working, he likes to write and perform music, go boating, play baseball, and spend time with his growing family, which includes his five children and 17 grandchildren. Another one of his favorite quotes is from Winston Churchill: "Always keep going from failure to failure, and you'll be a success."